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With recent data breaches, it's become top of mind for many consumers: protecting your identity.  Identity theft is a crime where a thief steals your personal information, such as your full name or social security number, to commit fraud. What are...
Two thirds of the way through November, arrivals by air are up 7% from last year. International visitors are up despite a small decline from Japan. Mainland arrivals are up 5% to Kauai, 10% to Maui, 15% to the Big Island. That works out to a...
In 1970 when i broke into radio as a high school senior, every radio and TV station did some news. They had to; the FCC required it, because the airwaves are a public trust. You could own no more than 7 AM stations, 5 FM stations and 5 TV stations....
It's time for Howard's Illustrated Economics. Where in the world is wealth? A new Swiss bank report is getting headlines this morning. It says the percentage of worldwide wealth held by the top 1 percent has gone over half. But the report also...
For this edition of Illustrated Economics, Howard talks about the soaring value of tech stocks.
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For this week's SmartMoney Monday, we're discussing the important topic of financial abuse and how to avoid being a victim. Faye Miyasaki from Bank of Hawaii was on Sunrise with tips. Copyright 2017 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.
It’s time for Howard’s Illustrated Economics. This morning, the role of Hawaii in airline frequent flier programs. Mileage programs reward loyalty, but at some point you have to, you know, reward loyalty. Nationwide, 6.8% of all fliers are flying...
Bloomberg News recently took a look at that, after Hawaiian Airlines said it got a quarter of all its revenue from interisland service and flew more than 1 million people a year just between Kahului and Honolulu.
The EEOC rules against Snappers Sports Bar in Waikiki – concluding that the bar supported and condoned sexual harassment of employees, including unwanted touching, until employees had to quit to make it stop. The report accuses owner Michael Wenzel...
Alexander & Baldwin is back in the black after closing its sugar plantation – summer net just under $7 million on $111 million revenue. Business grew at its Grace Pacific division. And Hawaiian Telcom took a paper loss over the summer but...
Small businesses, the ones that create jobs, doubtless would benefit from paying fewer taxes. But it's not always true that the tax code is unfair to major corporations. What is true is, major corporations are unfair to the tax code, evading taxes...
2 weeks 16 hours ago | Hawaii News Now - SmartMoney
For this week's SmartMoney Monday, we're tackling an extremely important issue - taking care of our kupuna by helping spot financial abuse targeting the elderly. 
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, now the richest man in America, is worth well over $90 billion. That made us wonder, what does $90 billion buy? 
For this edition of Howard's Illustrated Economics, trouble in the tax plan. Republican members of Congress will own the tax plan in the next campaign, whether they were in the same cadre that wrote it or not. Hundreds of Republican lawmakers are as...
In this edition of Illustrated Economics, Howard went over Hawaii's November airlift. 
In this Business Report, Howard takes a glance at Hawaii's five biggest banks. 
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The past few weeks we've been talking about home ownership – everything from buying a home to refinancing. 
Officials in Minnesota put together a pie chart on different sources of water pollution and I wanted to share it before it contains some surprises, at least for me. 
In this Friday edition of Illustrated Economics, Howard went over September tourism data. 
Democrats are attacking the Republican tax plan. So you may assume, any problem with it, you've heard about, in those attacks.



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